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Pitaya Coconut Toast

So honestly I bought pitaya at Whole Foods because the color was so vibrant and I wanted to naturally color food for the #aesthetic like here. I don't think pitaya tastes good on its own. BUT this tastes so good because it's mixed with coconut yogurt and all the other delicious ingredients going on. So if you want to spice up your breakfast with a beautiful pink toast keep reading for how I made this beauty. 


  • A couple pieces of pitaya

  •  A few spoonfuls of unsweetened plain coconut yogurt (I used So Delicious)

  • 1 piece of toast (I used Food for Life Brown Rice bread)


  • Toast your bread (duh) and I do it a couple times because I like it well toasted and this bread takes a couple times to get there

  • Blend the pitaya in a blender so it is smooth

  • In a bowl mix some coconut yogurt with the pitaya 

  • Spread the pitaya coconut yogurt on the toast

  • Top with banana slices and coconut shreds


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