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Meet Me at the Farmer's Market


Do you ever enter into a space and you immediately feel at home? Because that's farmer's markets for me. I wish I went more than I do and I'm going to try and go more since there's one really close to my college campus. Like you'll be able to tell from some of these pictures how fucking wholesome it is. That fall wreath, like c'mon. Not only are farmer's markets such cute spaces but such a great way to reduce waste and I'll share some tips so you can be prepared.

Pros of shopping at a farmer's market over a grocery store

  • You get to actually talk to the people who grow your food

  • Produce more likely to be organic, non-GMO, and not sprayed with pesticides

  • Produce fresher

  • Support local farmers

  • Produce won't be packaged in excessive plastic so you'll waste less

Sustainability tips

  • Bring your own reusable tote bag and produce bag

  • If you buy tomatoes like in that picture for example, give the farmer back the container so they can reuse them

  • Gather compostable material throughout the week and then bring it to the compost station at your farmer's market


One of my favorite parts of the farmer's market was all the fresh flowers. I bought a bouquet of flowers in the top left and bottom middle picture, which I loved. I also bought the succulent in the pumpkin pot in the top middle picture. I didn't realize it was a real pumpkin lol but kinda loving it for fall right now, so not mad about it. My friend bought one of the succulents in a beeswax container in the bottom left picture, which are so cute too. I high key wanted to buy the flower wreath in the bottom right corner, but thought that might be a little much for a dorm ya know? Can't wait to have my own apartment and decorate, so one day I'll get one. 


This basil smelled incredible and seeing the fresh tomatoes too just made me want to make a pizza. 


I saw that there was a compost station at the farmer's market and I was so happy that the community had set up this free service, since composting can be complicated and expensive even though it shouldn't be. 


Took this on one of the last weekends peaches were in season and because it said "Victoria" for some reason lol. 


I ate one of those big cinnamon buns and it was delicious. There are so many freshly baked pastries and breads at farmer's markets.

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