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Kick the Sick Out Quick

I hate being sick. I don't like doing it and it messes up my schedule ok. This summer it was so much easier for me to stay on my routine with healthy options way more accessible that I wasn't sick once. Then I went to college and I can't tell if I've been sick 10 times or just continuously. I would attribute this to being around so many more people and not having lemon water every morning which helps with immunity since it has so much Vitamin C. When I do get sick I don't do it for long because I uber to Whole Foods (lol oops) and take really good care of myself for like a day or two, so I can be on my way again. I talk below about the main things I do when sick that help me, but obviously I'm no doctor so if you're seriously sick go see them. 

1. Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon Tea

My go to when I'm sick is the Tulsi Turmeric Ginger Tea with a full lemon squeezed into it. I am not kidding I feel like this heals me almost instantly. Why does this tea make you immune you're asking? Let me learn you


  • Medicinal herb

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antioxidant

  • Has curcumin (not a lot but she's there)

  • Detoxifying


  • Aids digestion

  • Reduces nausea 

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Helps fight cold/flu


  • TONS of natural Vitamin C

  • Helps with immunity 

  • Antioxidants


2. KOR Wellness Shots


Every single time I woke up feeling sick (not just meh, like actually sick ok) in college I ubered to Whole Foods to buy products to make me feel better and I without a doubt picked up a KOR wellness shot or 10. I usually get the ginger wellness shot and the turmeric vitality shot. These are super strong and concentrated so I prefer these shots over a full juice, which have way more sugar (yes it can be natural from fruit, but you know what I mean).


3. Astragalus Pills


Whenever I'm sick I look up different herbs and such that have natural healing properties and then I uber my ass to Whole Foods and buy them in pill forms lol. This one however, my roommate told me about as it boosts immunity. I will take it at night when I'm feeling sick because I find I feel the worst in the mornings, so this helps. 


4. Counter Attack


I just heard about this from Kenzie Burke, and have only taken it a couple times. I felt better pretty quick after having a fever and it was probably a combination of these things, so I'm not sure how effective these pills are yet, but I'm all about natural vegan healing so I'm down with these. 


Other tips


SLEEP - our bodies literally repair themselves when we sleep, which means getting enough sleep is directly linked to staying healthy and boosting immunity. Whenever I don't sleep enough, especially several days in a row, I get sick. Whether this shows itself in a sore throat, cough, stuffy/runny nose, or even a fever; it's my bodies way of telling me I need to sleep more and I'm kind of breaking down. I have a hard time with stopping and resting, so even when I feel sick I will try to get myself to workout, but in reality what I really need is to just rest and give my body time to recover.

WATER - duh. Hydrate or dydrate people. I know that whenever I have a sore throat the last thing I want to do is drink water, even though it is exactly what I need, so I need to be better about this too. When my throat feels super raw I usually drink tea because it goes down easier hot for some reason, so try that. 

FOOD - I know I talk about eating whole, real, natural foods a lot, but I think this is even more important when your sick. I would say eat raw foods because it's easier for your body to digest. You don't want to be eating super processed foods because your body needs to focus energy on fighting whatever virus or bug you have, not trying to digest all the artificial additives in your chili cheese fries. I know this from personal experience because the other day I had a fever, but was craving sweet potato samosas and veg korma from this Indian restaurant near me and even though I knew it wouldn't make me feel better I ate it anyways. Maybe that sounds healthy to you, but it has dairy and oils and I was like sweating while eating it (TMI?) so yeah. Fruits and vegetables are super cleansing and full of nutrients, so try to eat those, and maybe some soup too because that's always comforting right.

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