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Cinnamon, Banana, Coconut Yogurt Toast

This is like the sweet version of avocado toast to me now since avocado toast is such a staple. Sometimes you just want to start your morning off with something a little sweet but still healthy (or for a snack, dessert, whatever). I also love peanut butter and banana toast/rice cakes, and thought the coconut yogurt wouldn’t be nearly as good, but I honestly prefer it now because it is much lighter (still love my pb though obviously). I would highly recommend the Love Lavva unsweetened vanilla yogurt because it tastes great by itself or in any combo. 


  • 2 slices of bread (I used the Food for Life Baking flax bread)

  • Cup of coconut yogurt (I like Love Lavva yogurt)

  • ½ a banana

  • Cinnamon 

  • Cacao nibs


  • Toast two pieces of bread

  • Spread out the coconut yogurt on each slice (I didn’t use the whole container on the toast)

  • Slice the bananas a place on top of the yogurt

  • Top with cinnamon and cacao nibs (maybe some agave too go crazy)

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