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Avocado Toast in the Nation's Capital

As an avid foodie, picky eater, and avocado lover, I have eaten more than my fair share of avocado toast.  From my kitchen to international restaurants, I am always on the search for a great avocado toast. Something about it just makes me order it nearly every time I eat somewhere. Here are some of my favorites in the DC area.

The Most Delicious: Bluestone Lane

My friend and I had been wanting to eat at Bluestone Lane for months and when we finally went we both just ended up getting the avocado toast, clearly branching out. It was delicious and fully loaded with feta cheese (which I wouldn't get now lol), tomatoes, and sprouts. I went back about a year later and actually tried other items on their menu and I would seriously recommend this restaurant to meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. Also that pretty drink is their golden turmeric latte, which I actually would not recommend. 


The above picture is from their cafe in West End which has a larger menu, but the below picture is from their coffee shop in Georgetown and is the toast that I am most obsessed with. Not sure if it's the olive oil, red pepper flakes, or massive amount of avocado, but something about this toast always has me coming back for more. 


The Most Beautiful: Toastique

This gourmet toast shop at The Wharf offers a variety of spreads (including tomato, burrata, basil featured on top), but I still had to try their avocado smash toast. The presentation is executed so flawlessly, the toast is almost too pretty to eat. Obviously that didn't stop me, and I cleaned the cute wooden paddle of my toast. I actually worked here over the summer and loved making acai bowls and toasts that looked as good as they taste.

JUICE FAR_edited.jpg

The Most Filling: Summer House Santa Monica

It is always summer in this beautiful restaurant in North Bethesda, but no matter what season it is you can never go wrong with avocado toast. This dish was large and in charge. The bread pieces were huge, there was a mountain of avocado, and it was topped with egg whites (which I wouldn't get now, but was the healthy alternative I used to order) and some delicious but oily sauce. Usually when I eat avocado toast, it doesn't feel unhealthy, but this one was very heavy, and accompanied by a side of fries. It was absolutely delicious, but I could not finish it, something does not usually happen to me, so I wouldn't recommend it as a light healthy dish. Also peep the finished guac in the back of the picture. 


The Most Standard: Silver Diner

The new restaurant in Downtown Bethesda actually exceeded my expectations since I usually think of diners as small, greasy, and dirty, but this was a ~beautiful establishment~ with healthy options on the menu. If I were to do it again I would get it without the egg whites, feta cheese, and pomegranate seeds though, or just try something else on the menu lol. I got the avocado toast with a side of egg whites. Looking at this picture it looks delicious and I know I finished it, but other than that it wasn't very memorable. It got the job done, but there was nothing else that really made it stick out to me. 


The Most Standard Forgettable: Le Pain Quotidien

When writing this post I didn't include it at first because I forget I ate it, then as I was going through my camera roll I came across this picture and decided to add it. It was good, not great, and with random toppings like one random carrot slice and one shred of kale. Like ok? It's also huge which I guess is good, but personally I prefer a loaded smaller toast like Bluestone Lane, rather than a thin layer like here.


The Most Disappointing: True Food

I am personally a huge fan of true food, a health focused restaurant in Bethesda with nationwide locations, but I think they really dropped the ball on this one. It was small, with not much avocado, and the star of the show was the egg, which was meh. It didn't give me that satisfied feeling after you eat a really good meal, but you don't regret anything you ate because it was healthy and you are full. This left me wanting more, and not in the good way. Definitely go to True Food, but definitely don't order the avocado toast.

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